Consistently new businesses and enormous partnerships wake up to databases jumbled with old fashioned, invalid or fragmented leads. Some face a humiliating circumstance day by day where they ring contacts that are dead or have moved somewhere else.

At B2BTechLeads, we upgrade our customer’s database with new, finish and micro focused on leads. So that there will be no embarrassing calls or speedily offered conciliatories sentiment for arriving at the wrong individual, at the wrong time. We actualize multi-level and multi-channel showcasing to guarantee all prospects get the customer message when they are most expecting it.

How do we do it?

Telemarketing Leads
Having a conversation over the phone is the next most productive thing after meeting someone in person. So we provide details of only those leads, who already have a proven interest in a client’s product or service. See why our telemarketing leads will buy your products. Read More

Email Marketing Leads
Are your prospects in different parts of the world? Is making calls becoming expensive? Have the same profound impact on your prospect’s buying decisions with our highly segmented leads. Delve into our email marketing world to experience the power of the written word. Read More

Postal Marketing Leads
There’s something concrete and tangible about seeing an offer in print. Leave the imprint of your marketing message on your prospects’ minds with our postal marketing leads. Read More

All-in-One Marketing Leads
We understand that prospects are everywhere, reachable through multiple means. Sometimes they might get overwhelmed by one type of marketing. So we help you sell your service in a variety of ways to reach your prospects. Read More