Welcome To B2BTechLeads

B2BTechLeads was founded in 2008 with only 10 employees. Today, we are one of the global leaders in marketing outsourcing and database marketing, with over 200+ employees. Our on-demand digital marketing platform enables businesses to turn their prospects into clients. B2BTechLeads gives a new meaning to the traditional marketing funnel, blending it with striking marketing automation capabilities. Our dynamic executions help B2B marketers generate and manage leads and drive sales. We have delivered niche market strategies and solutions to enable high performance and significant growth for global partners.

Who Is B2BTechLeads

Our Lead Generation offer provides a cost effective method of maximising your budget for International lead generation and corporate recruitment.
Working with you, we at B2BTechLeads will design an online lead generation strategy that has clear goals and design and can streamline your lead qualification process with our sales lead tracking software.
Our carefully measured lead generation programs keep our clients’ sales funnels full and give them the edge they need to compete and win.
Minimizing cost per lead while maximizing lead quality – that’s the objective of Overdrive’s ongoing Lead Generation Capture and Lead Quality Optimization services. Because ultimately, a low cost lead is only good for your online marketing campaign if it can be converted into a sale.

Our Crazy Skills

Marketing Leads 100
Technology Leads 100
Database Assessment 95
Website Development & SEO 90